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URN urn:agi-Binding:inout-urn:agi-llid:23705:inout-urn:agi-llid:23136:
Nodes IGSF4 ---- EPB41L3
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MedLine Reference 12234973:1002
Sentence Here, we report that TSLC1 directly associates with DAL-1, a gene product of another lung tumor suppressor belonging to the protein 4.1 family.

MedLine Reference 12826663:1038
Sentence TSLC1 has a band 4.1-binding motif at the juxtamembrane region and binds tumor suppressor DAL-1, one of the band 4.1 family members, which connects TSLC1 to the actin cytoskeleton ( 18 ); SynCAM1 was identified to be a brain-specific synaptic adhesion molecule ( 8 ).